Meet The Hatters

Meet The Hatters

Faisal Al-JuburiFaisal Al-Juburi. Faisal leads the external relations teams at RAICES, a migrant justice not-for-profit that provides holistic legal and social services, direct representation and litigation, and grassroots organizing and advocacy. As a strategist committed to advancing social justice through activist philanthropy, he has positioned public and private partnerships in the not-for-profit sector for nearly two decades. A first generation Iraqi American, Faisal has a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Virginia and a Master’s degree in Business/Corporate Communications from New York University. — LinkedIn

Miguel Amui. Miguel is an experienced consultant specializing in integration projects in Latin America and Caribbean. He has over 25+ years’ experience in structuring, executing, managing and leading physical infrastructure projects. Until the age of 24 he played rugby in Argentina, which led to his belief that team activities enrich individuals and facilitate children and teenagers’ growth. He shares these values with his own kids, firmly believing that sports provides values and emotional support to all children and sets them up for a better future. He attended the University of Liège (ULiège) and holds a degree in Advanced Studies in Regional Integration and a degree in International Negotiations. — LinkedIn

Paulo Andrade de Oviveira

Paulo Andrade de Oliveira. Paulo is the founder of alma mundus, an organization whose mission is to help leaders and organizations make lasting and measurable performance improvements that attract the best people and drive business and social opportunities. He has extensive private sector consulting, philanthropic, academic, and social impact experience. During his career, he led projects in over 12 countries on 5 different continents. He is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Paulo holds an MBA from HULT International Business School in Boston, where he graduated with honors, and a Master’s degree in Management from ISCTE Business School in Lisbon, Portugal. — LinkedIn

Ernesto Arguello

Ernesto Argüello. Ernesto is a serial social entrepreneur focused on creating ventures that offer opportunities for others. He co-found the One for One Realty Group, which blends real estate and philanthropy by donating a down payment to a family in need for every home a client buys, sells, or builds with him. In 2012 he founded “Education Model Towns,” a development company that creates sustainable communities which uplift and empower their residents. He was presented the “Agent of Change” award from MTV and the Inter-American Development Bank in 2012. Ernesto holds a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering and a Bachelors of Science in Architectural Engineering, both from University of Miami, Florida, where he graduated with honors. — LinkedIn

Michael Black. Michael is an international executive and entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in Latin America, the United States, Europe, Asia and Oceania. He has strong experience in business development, commercial, marketing, event management, and M&As in the sports industry. He is a board member and consultant for sports organizations and startup companies. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Universidad de Chile and a Master’s degree in International Affairs from Ohio University. — LinkedIn

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Tanner Campbell. Tanner is the founder of Aspect Co., a multi-faceted creative, brand, hospitality and development company. It’s focused on developing new hospitality concepts, the repositioning of existing hotel brands, place-making and translating learned best practices into new categories of real estate and other experiential businesses. Prior to that held roles as senior vice president, vice president, managing director, and creative director at various companies. He has a  Bachelor’s degree in History, English, and International relations from Cornell University and a Master’s degree in Real Estate Development from Columbia University. — LinkedIn

Mario Cader-Frech. Mario is a media cultural strategist who developed award-winning social-impact campaigns for media companies and nonprofits. For over 20 years, Cader-Frech’s groundbreaking original-content premiered globally on MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, Comedy Central, Paramount, & Telef, on behalf of Unicef, Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, and others. A principal of KC Social Impact Lab, he developed the initiative, the first religious literacy training program for media executives. Mario holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Finance from Louisiana State University, a Master’s degree in International Relations from Georgetown University, and a Graduate Certificate in Religious Studies and Education from Harvard University. — LinkedIn

Alejandra Collarte

Alejandra Collarte. Alejandra is the founder of Collarte & Associates, a public affairs firm specializing in Latin America. Previously she served as Director of International Relations at the University of Miami. She has coordinated protocol for ministers, dignitaries and heads of state; organized several scientific missions to the Antarctic; and was retained as Special Consultant by the Assistant Secretary General of the Regional Bureau of Latin America and the Caribbean of the UNDP. Previously she served as Director of International Relations at the University of Miami. — LinkedIn

Michael Davis

Michael Davis. Michael is the founder of N3 Media, a digital agency that combines content and storytelling to drive engagement and build a brand’s goals. Prior to that he built Penske Media’s video business (Variety, Deadline, WWD, etc) to over 1B annual views, while targeting millennials with branded entertainment news (e.g. LG, Pepsi, L’Oreal) through unique distribution partnerships with multiple TV networks, digital and social platforms. The first decade of Michael’s career was at CAA in the talent group. Michael is an avid mountaineer who has scaled six of the world’s Seven Summits. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from American University. — LinkedIn

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Mario De Pascual. Mario is a talented artist who operates at the intersection of art, design, and functional furniture. His background includes that of financier, art gallery director, saxophone player, painter, sculptor, furniture designer, and global traveler. He holds Master’s degrees from Universidad Pontificia Comillas and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and also degrees from IE Business School and ESSEC Business School. — LinkedIn

Marcella Echavarria

Marcella Echavarria. Marcella is a lifestyle expert specializing in branding luxury and sustainability that helps preserve cultures and traditions. She collaborates with designers and artisans around the world to develop links that connect local knowledge with global trends. She founded SURevolution in 2005 in collaboration with Donna Karan, one of the first global brands to link the world of luxury with handmade goods. Marcella has a Bachelor’s degree in History and Literature from Brown University and a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Colombia. — LinkedIn

Marta Estarellas

Marta Estarellas. Marta is a Senior Specialist and Team Leader at the Inter-American Development Bank where she leads Language and Communications Skills Programs. Previously Marta developed the IDBS’s first community relations grant program which assisted various NGOs in the Washington, D.C. area. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in Puerto Rico, an MBA in Marketing from George Washington University, and attended the Executive Program in Corporate Social Responsibility at Harvard Business School. — LinkedIn

Robert Fardi.

Robert Fardi. Robert  is Executive Vice President of Strategic Development & Partnerships at REQ, a brand and reputation management agency servicing corporate, sovereign and non-profits globally. He and his team have delivered strategic counsel to clients including Municipal Acquisitions, O Street Capital, CAVA, GE, the UN Foundation, the Global Fund, GSA, the Smithsonian Institution, the U.S. U.A.E. Business Council, Digital Realty, the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Bahrain, Thayer Lodging Group, Hines, Orascom, Qatar Foundation, and others. Prior to joining REQ, Robert was President and Co-Founder of Unison Agency, which was acquired by REQ in 2015. He has a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from George Mason University, a Master’s degree in International Commerce and Policy from the School of Public Policy at George Mason University. He participated in the postgraduate program in international economics and European Union Studies at St. Peter’s College, Oxford University. — LinkedIn

Geoff Green

Geoff Green. Geoff is an adventurer, environmentalist and educator. He founded and serves as president of Students on Ice Foundation, an award-winning charitable organization offering unique educational expeditions to the Antarctic and the Arctic. He has received numerous awards and recognitions over the course of his career and ​​in 2012 was appointed to the Order of Canada in recognition of a lifetime of distinguished service to the nation and to humanity through his work with Students on Ice. He has an Honorary Doctorate from Nipissing University. — LinkedIn

Skip Henderson

Skip Henderson. Skip is He is the LinkedIn

Helle Jeppsson

Helle Jeppsson. Helle is the CEO and co-founder of Scape, Mexico’s leading on-demand massage & facial app. Her career has spanned international business, economic development, and retail. She worked as a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank, developed a project at the World Bank with the Children & Youth Unit, and volunteered for many nonprofits, such as Amnesty International, UNICEF, and the Whitman Walker clinic. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Montpellier Business School in France, a Master’s degree in International Business from University of Gothenburg in Sweden, and a Master’s degree in Latin American Studies at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. — LinkedIn

Fabian Koss

Fabian Andres Koss. Fabian is the Co-Founder of KC Social Impact Lab, a global boutique provider of consulting services in social responsibility strategy and global media development for social impact. Previously he served as a Senior Specialist in the Office of External Relations at the Inter-American Development Bank. Fabian is one of the founders of the Inter-American Working Group on Youth Development, a consortium of international donor agencies which seek to increase resource support and promote learning around effective development programs in the hemisphere. In 2000 the IDB Youth Program received the UN World Youth Award for its achievement in implementing the UN World Program of Action for Youth. In 1999, Fabian founded Many Hats Institute. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs from American University. — LinkedIn

Rosario Londono

Rosario Londoño. Rosario is the founder of One4One Accelerator, which supports the conscious innovation and evolution of people, businesses, and systems. Its aim is to bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots in terms of access to innovative tools and methodologies within the fields of neuroscience, mindfulness, technology, and business model innovation. Her experience includes working in youth development and entrepreneurship to find ways to bring the private and public sector together to solve some of the world’s most intractable problems. She has a Master’s degree in Economics from Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia, a certificate in Corporate Citizenship Management, Business Administration and Management, from Boston College Carroll School of Management, and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. — LinkedIn

Yael Marciano

Yael Marciano. Yael is the founder and director of Strathos Consulting, a firm that has worked with political leaders, private sector leaders and activists in the U.S. and Latin America by focusing on strategic planning, policy analysis and stakeholder engagement and issue advocacy. She has extensive experience in advocacy, strategic communications, crisis management and professional leadership. Her experience includes designing and executing a major international awareness campaign on human rights and democracy in Latin America. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in law from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela, a Master of Law from the American University Washington College of Law, a Master of Science in Public Management for International Organizations from New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, and a Master of Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School. — LinkedIn

Gally Mayer

Gally Mayer. Gally is the co-founder of Buena Vida Cafe Orgánico, a specialty coffee from Costa Rica. Previously, she was vice president for business development activities at Jerusalem Venture Partners; vice president, chief of staff and right-hand person to the president and CEO of StarMedia Networks, the leading internet company for Spanish and Portuguese speakers; and an investment banker at Violy, Byorum and Partners. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Georgetown University. — LinkedIn

Maria Mosquera

María Mosquera. María is a bilingual English/Spanish communication strategist who serves as the communications director for the City of Buenos Aires Theater Complex. Her career experience includes creating and curating communication for high-end projects, supporting humanitarian causes, and helping with events around the globe. She holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Communication from St. Catherine’s School and another from the Universidad Austral in Buenos Aires, Argentina. — LinkedIn

Charlie Muldoon

Charlie Muldoon. Charlie owns and operates Summerhill Polo club and is one of the top polo professionals in the United States. He has competed at the World Cup, the U.S. Open, the Geneva Open (Switzerland), the FIP World Championship (Chile) and the Camera de Deputados. He won the 1999 20-goal Texas Open and the 2001 26-goal USPA Gold Cup. Charlie has organized numerous polo events to raise funds for the Many Hats Institute and continues to open his farm for MHI children to work with horses. He attended the University of Maryland, Montgomery College, and Florida Atlantic University. — LinkedIn

Matias Obludzyner

Matias Obludzyner. Matias is a performance consultant at Gap International. He has an extensive track record in leadership development, change management, and strategic communications in the United States and Latin America, helping global executives and teams achieve breakthrough results. Before joining Gap, Matias was an advisor to senior leaders at the World Bank Group. Matias is a Fulbright Scholar, fluent in English and Spanish, and the author of the book The Expanding Circle: How Genuine Leaders Connect with Themselves, Connect with Others, and Make a Difference. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, International Relations from University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, a Master’s degree in International Relations and Negotiations from Universidad de San Andrés in Argentina, and a Master’s degree in Public Administration, Public Communication from George Washington University. — LinkedIn

Tatiana Platt

Tatiana Platt. Tatiana is a branding and social media advisor and  internet entrepreneur. She is a former senior executive at America Online (AOL), where she served as Senior Vice President, New Media & Programming Ventures (formerly Chief Trust Officer and Senior Vice President of Integrity Assurance), She was one of the longest tenured executives at AOL and one of the few female executives. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and an Executive Business Certificate, International Business from Georgetown University. — LinkedIn

Nazy Nazhand. Nazy is an art advisor and curator whose art consultancy includes the representation of new talent around the world. Previously she worked as the Creative Director of De Buck Gallery in New York and as a curatorial advisor and founder of Art Middle East, a series of cultural programs and events promoting contemporary Middle Eastern art through innovative collaborations and ambitious art presentations. She has been a contributing writer for Harper’s Bazaar Art, Artnet, Artinfo, ModeWalk, Whitewall and New York Time Style. — LinkedIn

Corey Nyman

Corey Nyman. Corey is Vice President of Operations for The Nyman Group, a boutique hospitality consulting firm. As the son of an executive chef and restaurant owner turned hospitality consultant, he grew up in the restaurant and hotel industry. In his career he has worked with acclaimed chefs and companies including Wolfgang Puck, Bobby Flay, Piero Selvaggio, Hilton Worldwide and Caesars Entertainment. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Hospitality Management from the University of Denver. — LinkedIn

Jacquelyn Puente

Jackie Puente. Jackie is the Vice President of External Affairs at Comcast NBCUniversal, where she is responsible for partnerships with diverse stakeholders on policy issues in the media and technology industry. Prior to joining Comcast, she provided strategic communications counsel to Fortune 100 clients on a range of technology, telecommunications, tax, and utilities issues. She is also active on multiple boards to advance economic opportunities and social justice. She has Bachelor’s degree in International Economics, Russian Language, Russian & Eurasian Studies from American University. She was a 2004 National Security Education Program Boren Scholar in Moscow, Russia, where she studied at Moscow International University. She also participated in the NAMIC Executive Leadership Development Program at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. — LinkedIn

Anna Quint

Anna Quint. Anna is Executive Director of Campaign Verify, a nonprofit organization that securely verifies the identity of U.S. political campaigns and committees to help prevent political spoofing, misinformation and disinformation over telecom and digital networks. Previously, she served for six years as the Communications and Development Specialist at Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind. Prior to that, she co-founded a boutique branding firm in Los Angeles focused on associating luxury brands with Hollywood celebrities, and provided client service and marketing support at Christie’s. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature/Letters from the University of California, Los Angeles. — LinkedIn

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Martin Rozenblum. Martin is the founder of Asset Management And Development Corp. (AMAD), a consulting and investment advisory firm dedicated to the identification of opportunities, acquisitions and reorganization of conflicted assets. He is also active director of the Rozenblum Foundation, sponsoring the development of education, arts and science. The foundation has carried out many events and exhibitions, developing a close personal relationship with the main icons of Argentine art, key institutions and individuals, not only recognizing the masters but also supporting emerging young artists. Martin has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. — LinkedIn

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Pirooz Sarshar. Pirooz is chief strategist of Conscious Evolutions LLC, a cutting-edge marketing and branding agency. He is a marketing, business development, and branding strategist with extensive experience in marketing, branding, product, business, and content development. He has vast experience taking ideas from concept to market, bringing new and exciting products to consumers. He is dedicated to driving growth and success in the consumer packaged goods, health & wellness, cosmetic & beauty, and modern-day cannabis industries. He pioneered the first-ever online store designed for premium men’s grooming products. — LinkedIn

Sueraya Shaheen

Sueraya Shaheen. Sueraya serves as the photo editor of Tribe magazine, a nonprofit publication that focuses on photography and moving images from the Arab world. She is also  the creative director of Many Hats Institute.Her assignments have taken her to five continents, with photojournalistic credits that include Dharamsala:Tibet’s Last Stand, Journeyman Pictures(UK) and the Bologna Book Fair’s award winning(First Place non-fiction) Caught in the Crossfire: Growing Up in a War Zone; Walker & Co. Press (NYC). She has exhibited in Washington, D.C. and New York art galleries and been featured in numerous national and international publications including the Washington Review, Al-Hayat, the American Literary Magazine, the Financial Times, and New Woman (UK). While pursuing her education she interned for the Sr. White House photographer Dirck Halstead assisting him on the 24 hrs in Cyberspace project. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. — LinkedIn

Seppy Shirazi. Seppy is a local Washingtonian. She began her career in sales and marketing at Voice of America and USA Today. Her passion is to help people feel their best, and for the past 20 years she has been involved in the cosmetic surgery and beauty industry, working for some of the top plastic surgeons in the Washington, DC area. She is currently the Operations Manager at Hela Medical Spa in Georgetown. She has supported Many Hats Institute and is excited to be a hatter to help raise money for the charities she holds very close to her heart. Seppy attended the Washington International School and continued her International Baccalaureate studies in Oxford, UK, where she assisted some of St Clare’s, Oxford school charities like Oxfam. She has a Bachelor’s degree George Washington University. — LinkedIn

Manoel Silva

Manoel Silva. Manoel is chief operating officer of and the president of Brazil, positions he has held for over a decade. Additionally, he serves as a consultant for Organización de los Estados Americanos and as the youth development project manager for HavServe Volunteer Service Network whose mission is to improve the lives of the Haitian people, particularly women and children in Southwest Haiti and Central Florida. Together with MHI, Manoel developed PLAY 4 DEVELOPMENT. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business development from Bryan College and an MBA in International Development from Hope International University. — LinkedIn

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Thorne Sirbak. Thorne has an abiding love for photography, a passion he improves through practice, research, and private commissions. Briefly having worked at Govinda Gallery in Georgetown, he looks to galleries and art in general as a positive force in his daily life. He encourages others to get involved in giving back too in creative and fulfilling ways. He had a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a minor in Communications Arts and Sciences from Penn State University.

Ilana Sod

Ilana Sod. Ilana is a journalist whose work can be seen in Mexican, Latin American, and international media outlets. She worked as a TV and radio presenter and a producer for over two decades, producing both short and large-format entertainment, while tying social consciousness together with music, fashion, food, new technologies and innovation. In 2004, Ilana was part of the first co-production between CNN and MTV, Staying Alive: A News Special, which premiered globally on World AIDS Day. Her segment focused on how machismo impacts the vulnerability of HIV/AIDS infection among young people in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. While covering the 2005 VMA Awards in Miami, she broke the news about Hurricane Katrina crossing Florida, days before the catastrophic landfall along the Gulf coast. She earned a degree in Politics and Social Conflicts from Tel-Aviv University, majored in Journalism and Communication Sciences at Anahuac University, and earned a postgraduate degree in Film Analysis and Criticism, Mass Communication/Media Studies from Anahuac University. — LinkedIn

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Dayna Sofair. Dayna has extensive experience working within a forward thinking, fast fashion environment. Her experience includes product design and development, sourcing, leading buying and design teams, market research and analysis, and trend and business forecasting.Her background includes working as a stylist and co-founding her own line. She  travels the globe to ignite her imagination and develop new trends. She is an accomplished equestrian and a proud dual-citizen of the U.S. and the U.K. Dayna studied at Hurtwood House in Surrey, and the London College of Fashion. — LinkedIn

Dario Sotomayor

Dario Sotomayor. Dario is a business development and strategy expert with over a decade of experience creating leads, developing relationships with sophisticated clients in diverse industries both in the public and private sectors, locally and internationally. He currently works as the director of business development for Punchbowl News, a news publication covering Washington D.C. and Capitol Hill. Prior to that he worked for Bloomberg Industry Group and Yelp. Dario holds both U.S. and Mexican citizenship. He has a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from the Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey (ITESM) in Mexico and a Master’s degree in Political Management from George Washington University. — LinkedIn

Aki Temiseva

Aki Temiseva. Aki is an experienced international C-suite executive with over twenty years leadership experience with global companies and organizations. Ha has run multi-million dollar businesses and has held top leadership positions in startups, Fortune 500 corporations, and global international development organizations. He currently serves as chief marketing and development officer for the nonprofit Children Believe.He has lived, worked and traveled in 100+ countries around the world. His big passion is sports in all forms and shapes. He has a degree in Operations Management from Aalto University And a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from University of Jyvaskyla, both in Finland. — LinkedIn

Jose Antonio Tijerino

Jose Antonio Tijerino. Jose is the president and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation, leading its educational, workforce, social impact, identity, and cultural mission. He executive produces the Hispanic Heritage Awards at the Kennedy Center and TV broadcast on PBS. Previously he was an executive at Fannie Mae Foundation, Nike, Burson-Marsteller, and Cohn & Wolfe. He is considered a LinkedIn influencer. His blog posts and media presence have made him a national voice on various issues including diversity, immigration, creativity and youth empowerment. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Public Relations, Marketing and Social Marketing from the University of Maryland and a Doctorate of Humane Letters from The Chicago School. He is a Salinas Fellow at the Aspen Institute. — LinkedIn

Petro Trengrouse

Pedro Trengrouse. Pedro is a lawyer and senior partner at Trengrouse & Gonçalves Advogados in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is the academic coordinator of the FGV/FIFA/CIES Programme on Sports Management and professor of sports law at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), the most prestigious think-tank in Latin America. He was a visiting scholar at Harvard Law School, and served the United Nations as UNDP consultant on matters related to the FIFA World Cup 2014. He sits at the council of several institutions such the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro Cultural Association, the Brazilian Association of Rehabilitation, and the Rio de Janeiro Commercial Association’s Sports Council. He has a Bachelor of Law degree from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, is a FOFA Master with an international Master’s degree in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport, and earned a certificate in Cassino Regulations from University of Nevada-Las Vegas. — LinkedIn

Sabrina Blanco Vecchi

Sabina Blanco Vecchi. Sabina is a climate change consultant in the Climate Change Division of the Inter-American Development Bank. Prior to that she served as an energy consultant in the sustainable energy hub of UNDP and as an energy consultant in the energy division of the IADB. Originally from Argentina, she earned a Fulbright scholarship in 2018. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of Buenos Aires In Argentina, a Master’s degree in International Economics and Politics from Universidad de San Andrés, also in Argentina, a Master’s degree in Public Policy, Environment, Energy & Technology from American University, a Master’s degree in Public Policy, Environment, Energy, & Technology from Fulbright France, and a certificate in Financing and Deploying Clean Energy from Yale University. — LinkedIn

Michael Walton

Michael Walton. Michael is the founder and CEO of the Michael Walton Foundation, the nonprofit he founded in 2002 to provide positive outlets through creative programs and services for inner city youth throughout the Washington D.C. metropolitan community. His foundation has also been active in the Speak Out to Reach Out program in Ghana. As a former world-class sprinter and professional track and field athlete, he uses his platform to serve as a positive role model and help youth realize the greatness that lies within them. Michael attended the University of Southern California. — LinkedIn

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Andrea Weckerle. Andrea is a communication and management professional with a law background who for over 20 years has helped individuals and organizations problem-solve. Her experience includes founding a nonprofit organization; teaching in university graduate programs; running her own boutique communications consultancy; and helping design, develop, and implement alternative dispute resolution systems for Fortune 500 companies. She is the author of the book Civility in the Digital Age: How Companies and People Can Triumph over Haters, Trolls, Bullies, and Other Jerks and has has been quoted and published in media such as The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Fortune, New York Daily News, The Christian Science Monitor, and Chicago Tribune. She has a Master of Arts (MAIS) with a focus on Public Relations/Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Richmond School of Law.  — LinkedIn

Libby Huffman Wilkinson

Libby Huffman Wilkinson. Libby is the Director of Communications for Boundary Companies. Prior to joining Boundary Companies, she was Director of Parent Giving and Associate Director of Development at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia, where she executed a seven-year capital campaign that raised over 80 million dollars towards new campus construction and middle income aid. Before that, she served as a government relations advisor at Collier Shannon Kelly Drye and as a private wealth manager at Friedman, Billings, and Ramsey (FBR). As a certified yoga instructor and an avid yogi, Libby developed MHI’s Youth Yoga Program. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Art History from Dartmouth College. — LinkedIn

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Delfina Zagarzazu. Delfina’s work focuses on exploring purpose and value in the context of the global shift from shareholder to stakeholder capitalism. Her global experience building ecosystems of change inside and outside companies, including the B Corp movement of companies, has led her to work with a wide diversity of stakeholders. She has shared her vision for business as a force for good with the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, International Development Banks, South American Government Institutions, Universities, large corporations and changemaking entrepreneurs. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Diplomacy and International Relations from Seton Hall University, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude, and has an MBA from the University of Exeter in England. — LinkedIn